PETER Simonics         KINGA Szűcs-Gáspár            IMRE Tugyi                  THOMAS Antalffy             FECO Puskás                     


main instructor, organiser, tour leader, tandem pilot, test pilot

Peter Simonics has been paragliding since 1990 and before he had been a professional mountain climber. He has been competing since 1992 (from 1995 also on PWCs), since then he has become a multiple Hungarian Paragliding National Champion.

As his most outstanding success, he set a new World Record of Straight Distance to Declared Goal in Ceara, Brazil, in 2002!

He is an official Team Pilot of NOVA Performance Paragliders, the Hungarian representative of Nova, Gin, Niviuk, Ava Sports and Flymaster, and also the Official Test Pilot of the Hungarian Aeronautical Association, the captain of the Hungarian Team since 1992, the Hungarian Paragliding Delegate of the FAI, a tandem pilot, paramotor pilot and instructor.

Peter has flown over 3000 hours and 20,000 km distance by glider! During the past 20 years some 800 pilots have been taught to fly in his school. He started to organise paragliding tours around the world in 1994 and since then hundreds of pilots has been enjoying his trips – most of them regularly.

He has been travelling the best flying sites of the world. Among the destinations of the last 16 years we can find Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Monaco, Mongolia, Portugal, Romania (Transylvania), Serbia, South-Africa, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, etc.   

He speaks English, German, Portugal, Italian and Russian and understands some more languages :)


organiser, instructor

Kinga has collected some hundred hours and kilometres paragliding experience all around the world. She has flown the best sites of Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Monaco, Mongolia, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Transylvania and Turkey.

Thanks to her contacts, experiences and her past spent with different sports, she is the main travelling coordinator of the FlyAway Team.

She is an instructor and also the president of the FlyAway Club.

She speaks English and some German.


IT-expert, instructor, tandem pilot

Imi started paragliding in 2003. Since then, he has some hundred hours of flying and competition experience. 
He has flown the best sites of Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Monaco, Slovakia, Slovenia and Transylvania. He is also an instructor and a tandem pilot.

Much to the delight of the pilots' families he is specialised for tandem XC flights!

Imi is the IT expert of the FlyAway Team.   

He speaks English.


pilot, reference in GB

Thomas has been flying in our team since 1994.
He is a dual Australian-Hungarian citizen and he graduated as a medical doctor.

Since he lives in London, he is the contact person and a reference of the FlyAway Team in Great-Britain.

Thomas is our marketing manager.  

He speaks English and Hungarian.


instructor, tandem pilot

Fecó has gained flying and instruction experiences on different flying sites of the world - Austria, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Transylvania.

Together with his empathic skills his knowledge makes him a perfect and safe help both in take-off and landing positions.