“…Everything about the trip was amazing! I improved and learnt a lot. Thanx. I wanna enjoy all of your tours!!”
(Gabor, about Monaco)  

“I’ve already travelled a lot with you but Mongolia was clearly the best. Amazing. Unthinkable. Magical. I can’t find the right words for this experience. It gave me a real buzz! Thank you so much for your organisation..”
(Viktor, about Mongolia)

“In the name of the whole group, I would like to say thank you for this gorgeous tour! That was our first time travelling with you, but surely not the last one! And at last I felt totally safe in the air. It means much to me.”
(Charley, about Bassano)

“The instructions you gave me were really useful. It was the first time for me to complete a task!”
(Rita, about Slovenia)

”Before I tried these manoeuvres, I’d thought something completely different about them. That is also good to know that my reserve opens slower than I had expected.”
(Győző, about Hallstatt)  

“This trip surpassed all my expectations! From the moment we stepped out the airport building, I was amazed and astonished. I know I will come back next year!”
(Horst, about Brazil)

“… I’d thought that the weather would be better, but never mind! The tour was great and your group is really superb and freak!”
(Vladimir, about Castelluccio)