The Fly Away Paragliding Team



The FlyAway Paragliding Team has been organizing trips to the world's most exciting flying sites since 1994.

Our experience, local contacts and thorough knowledge of the sites guarantee that the pilots get proper instruction according to their paragliding skills and knowledge level. Their flying experience can be enriched under safe conditions. 
Our journeys provide complex programs, they offer enjoyment-oriented flights and reveal the natural and cultural wonders of the area.
We plan the dates of our tours on the basis of almost two decades' local weather statistics thus securing the highest chance of flyable days.

The FlyAway Team's instructors have gained XC and competition experience on five continents, which can surely be considered as a warranty for the highest human and professional level. 

The spirit of our team could be expressed in this sentence:

‘Come and join us, let's explore why the birds sing!’


Confidence, competence and quality are the most important issues in our job.
The guidelines of the FlyAway Team are as follows: all of our tours guarantee


- because we choose our destinations based on the experiences and statistics of many years,
- deep local knowledge,
- two instructors on every tour,
- tailor-made instruction both in the RDS (Real Danger Simulation) at safety courses and during the cross-country flights.  


- tasks are planned together with the pilots and adjused to their needs or wishes,
- theoretical instruction,
- analysis,
- radio support for all flights - permanent communication and instructions via radio.  


- especial and varied destinations,
- adventure, expedition and discovery,
- great company - fun and memories for a lifetime are guaranteed!

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