Springtime... at the Foot of the Alps


7 days, 6 nights   560 €

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8 - 14th April, 2013  (7 days, 6 nights)


Borso del Grappa and Semonzo area

Tour Leaders and Organisers

Tour type

Slope soaring, thermal flying and XC

Flyable days ****
Weather conditions **** 

Take-off place, landing area ****

We mostly use the da Beppi (S-SW / 830m AMSL) and the Antenne Constaluga (E / 800m AMSL) take off places. Both of them are comfortable to launch.

Further things to do ***

The Grappa massif, which includes a number of neighbouring peaks, is known also for the traditional cheese Bastrado del Grappa and is a popular destination for cyclists. Bassano Del Grappa is also famous for the spirit 'Grappa'.
Monte Grappa was the site of three famous World War I 
battles. During World War I Bassano was in the front area, and all industrial activities were halted. During World War II the mountain became a refuge for many Italian partisans from Bassano del Grappa who hid in Monte Grappa massif during the war.

The symbol of Bassano is the covered wooden pontoon bridge, which was designed by the architect Andrea Palladio in 1569. The bridge was destroyed many times, the last time during WW II. The Alpine soldiers, or Alpini, have always revered the wooden bridge and Bassano del Grappa. After the destruction of the bridge, they took up a private collection and had the bridge completely rebuilt.

Accommodation ***


Buffet breakfast is included.
For dinner you can find gorgeous italian restaurants in Borso del Grappa, nearby the landing field.
Shuttle service ****

9 passenger buses organised by the FlyAway Team.
Tour description 

Monte Grappa is a 1,775 m (5,823 ft) tall mountain in the Veneto region of Italy. Part of the Alpine foothills, the mountain is divided between the provinces of Vicenza, Treviso and Belluno.

Bassano is a hugely reliable destination offering up to 300 days a year flying and protection from northerly winds. With its XC season starting as early as February and going on as late as October, it is a perfect place to fly: be it just sled-rides for beginners or 'heavy duty' XC-flying for experts (you can get all the way into Croatia/ Slovenia).

The views of the Dolomites behind are stunning and a visit to the War Memorial is a must for all pilots! On nice days you can fly back to Cima Grappa and land on its 1,776m peak - just to have a rest.

The price includes 

     -  Transfers to and from the airport.
     -  Accommodation for 6 nights in double rooms with breakfast and dinner.
     -  Transports to and from all flying sites.
     -  Meteo analysis, forecasts, daily weather updates.
     -  Charges for using airspace and take-off places.
     -  Launching supervision by an instructor.
     -  Flying tips, tailor-made tasks and goals to achieve.
     -  Radio communication and instructions during flights.
     -  Theoretical instruction.
     -  Analysis together with the pilots.
     -  T-shirts.
     -  Photo CD.


560 €  for pilots

395 €  for non-pilots 

Payment options

You can book your trip with 30% deposit.

We accept cash, checks, PayPal or bank transfer. Click here for further details and cancellation policy.

Difficulty level ***

Beginner, intermediate and advanced pilots 


     -  To have a completed P2 certification (or equivalent)
     -  DHV or CEN certified equipment
     -  Reserve parachute
     -  Helmet
     -  PMR or 2m radio

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