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10 days, 9 nights   790 €

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Praia das Bicas, Arrabida, Vale de Amoreira, Linhares da Beira, Seia, Azinha 

Tour Leaders and Organisers

Tour type

flight safari in Portugal

Flyable days **

Weather conditions *** 

Take-off place, landing area ****

Further things to do **** 

n some non-flyable days we may decide to go hiking or visiting the most famous areas of Portugal while getting familiar with its traditions. There are numerous interesting old castles, villages and unique natural wonders to visit.
This is a paragliding trip where your spouse, partner or friend will not be bored for sure if you take them with you.

Accommodation ***

Double rooms of apartments and mobile homes.

Self Catering
Shuttle service *****

9 passenger buses organised by the FlyAway Team. 

Tour description

We roam and fly the best locations of Portugal with two different centers to stay (Sesimbra and Someiro). 

Our first centre is in Sesimbra, where we do some beach flights on different flying sites. We spend here the first three days as well as the last one. In the meantime we take the opportunity to visit the city of Lisbon.  

Just step out from your room, walk a hundred meters and you are at the amazing take off spot of Praia das Bicas. It is an ocean shore location, where you can soar over the 30 kilometres long dunes of the beach.  

is a seaside location, where the take off spot is on 368 m and the landing zone is directly on the beach. 

Our second center is in Someiro, in the Serra da Estrela which is is the highest mountain range in Continental Portugal. The whole mountain range is now part of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. Depending on the momentary weather conditions and wind direction we may visit many different paragliding sites.  

Vale de Amoreira (832 m) is a small launch site, situated on a spine ridge that divides the valley below Azinha. This site sets you up to work the thermals over a forested slope while you build up height. Landing is an easy glide out in front.

Linhares (1,114m) is positioned on top of a gentle mountain ridge that faces north-west and thus works best in the afternoons. There are multiple launch sites and safe landing options available. The lodge is a short glide out from the launch site. As it is an incredibly dependable dynamic soaring ridge, it is possible to fly for hours on end. The place is 
well-known for hosting some Paragliding World Cup competition.

Seia is 18 km west of Linhares and on the right day it is a pleasure to fly XC from there back to Linhares, as the sea-breeze that comes in during the afternoons can help you on your way and provide big areas of lift along the ridge.

Azinha is an alpine site with a narrow valley and big walls of rock on the sides with technical but very rewarding flying. You'll have big climb-outs in stronger thermals as the day progresses allowing for exciting XCs.

The price includes

     -  Transfers to and from Lisbon airport.
     -  Accommodation for 9 nights in double rooms and mobile homes.
     -  All the transports in Portugalia.
     -  Transports to and from all flying sites.
     -  Meteo analysis, forecasts, daily weather updates.
     -  Charges for using airspace and take-off places.
     -  Launching supervision by an instructor.
     -  Flying tips, tailor-made tasks and goals to achieve.
     -  Radio communication and instructions during flights.
     -  Theoretical instruction.
     -  Analysis together with the pilots.
     -  T-shirts.
     -  Photo CD.


790 €  for pilots

635 €  for non-pilots

Payment options

You can book your trip with 30% deposit.

We accept cash, checks, PayPal or bank transfer. Click here for further details and cancellation policy.

Difficulty level **

beginner, intermediate and advanced pilots
This tour with various locations provides all the pilots with experience and excitement. 


     -  To have a completed P2 certification (or equivalent)
     -  DHV or CEN certified equipment
     -  Reserve parachute
     -  Helmet
     -  PMR or 2m radio
Detailed tour schedule

 1st day

Meeting at Lisbon airport
Transfer to Sesimbra

2nd – 3rd days

Flying Bicas and Arrabida
Visiting Lissabon

4th days

Travelling to our second centre - Sesimbra.
Flying  Vale de Amoreira

5nd – 7rd days

Flying different sites in the Serra de Estrela mountain range.

8th days

Travelling back to Someiro.
Flying  Bicas

9th days

Flying  Bicas or Arrabida

10th days

Flying home...

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