Feel the spirit of the secrte valley!

7 days, 6 nights   590 €

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beginning of October 2013 (7 days, 6 nights)


Castelluccio, Norcia, Assisi - Italy

Tour Leaders and Organisers

Peter Simonics

Tour type

Slope soaring, thermal flying and XC

Flyable days ***

Weather conditions **** 

Conditions are really friendly in this season. The air is calm and the thermals are smooth which makes the tour enjoyable for beginners, too. Advanced pilots find challenge in soaring up to the top of Monte Vettore and flying some out and return tasks.

Take-off place, landing area **** 

There are several different take off locations in the area for different wind directions. All of them are grassy and comfortable. In addition to this the whole valley (called "Great Plain") is a perfect landing place.

Further things to do ***

The Monti Sibillini National Park has lots of opportunities for walkers and hikers. When weather conditions are not flyable, we go and visit some medieval villages in the vicinity of Castelluccio or even Rome.

Accommodation **** 

Meals *****+

The dinner could not be better!
Every evening a traditional Italian menu of four courses are served with white and red wines. Rich soup, hot pasta (or gnocchi, risotto, polenta…), different meats (veal, pork, beef, poultry, rabbit, wild boar, venison, pheasant and freshwater fish) with salad and vegetable side dishes and finally some sweets present you the especial taste of the region and the province.   

Shuttle service **** 

9 passenger buses organised by the FlyAway Team

Tour description 

Omnes viae Romam ducunt…
As the saying goes, ”All roads lead to Rome”…  Maybe in this case they lead not exactly to Rome but very close to it. Even so there is nothing around to remind us of the Mediterranean Europe, the whole valley much rather looks like a hidden part of Asia.
Castelluccio is a romantic hamlet which dates from the 13th century or slightly earlier, and seems to be stuck there. It has no more than some dozens of inhabitants who are not really interested in the outside world, just cultivate the fields on the slopes below the village, herd their sheep on the plain grasslands and make delicious cheese.
The secret valley we fly is in Umbria in the Apennine Mountains, central Italy. Administratively, it is a parish of the ca. 28 km distant town Norcia. The village lies at 1,452 m, making it the highest settlement in the Apennines. It lies above the "Great Plain" (Piano Grande - 1,270 m), next to the Monti Sibillini National Park. The Sibillini Mountains are a mountain group of the central Apennines. They are mostly composed of limestone rocks, formed in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic from the bottoms of an extinct sea which emerged 20 millions years ago. Most of the peaks are over 2,000 m; the highest altitude is reached at the Monte Vettore, with 2,476 m.

and grassy hillsides and opulent grasslands offer you more than a few take off locations for different wind directions and possibility to land safely wherever you want.
Between the neverending soarings and thermallings we visit the pub of the tiny village and taste the local specialities.

One day we visit Assisi which was the birthplace of
St. Francis, who founded the Franciscan religious order in the town in 1208, and St. Clare, the founder of the Poor Sisters, which later became the Order of Poor Clares after her death.
Assisi is a superb hill town in the beautiful region of Umbria. The medieval "hill town" feels like a storybook town that time forgot. It did not develop into a big city over the centuries, but rather kept its narrow lanes, massive gates, stone buildings, and other features we find so charming. But Assisi is much more than a pretty hill town. Thousands arrive to worship in Assisi's magnificent churches, and to pray to Francis of Assisi, a much-beloved saint.
Assisi and Spello, the two ancient towns, are located on the slopes of Mount Subasio that stands about 1,290 m above sea level and there is a take off place on the top. Thus we also can admire the wonderful lands of Umbria while flying above!

The price includes 

     -  Transfers to and from the nearby airport
     -  Accommodation for 6 nights in double rooms with breakfast and dinner
     -  All the transports in Italy
     -  Transports to and from all flying sites
     -  Meteo analysis, forecasts, daily weather updates
     -  Charges for using airspace and take-off places
     -  Launching supervision by an instructor
     -  Flying tips, tailor-made tasks and goals to achieve
     -  Radio communication and instructions during flights
     -  Theoretical instruction
     -  Analysis together with the pilots
     -  T-shirts
     -  Photo CD


590 €  for pilots 

415 €  for non-pilots

Payment options 

You can book your trip with 30% deposit.

We accept cash, checks, PayPal or bank transfer. Click here for further details and cancellation policy.

Difficulty level *

beginner, intermediate and advanced pilots


     -  To have a completed P2 certification (or equivalent)
     -  DHV or CEN certified equipment
     -  Reserve parachute
     -  Helmet
     -  PMR or 2m radio

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